History of Banner

Our hall was built in the 1960’s and has operated as a community center ever since


Banner Community Guild is dedicated to promoting, supporting and advocating for our: community, regenerative farms, local economy, cultural diversity, education, the arts, and a variety of charitable causes. We accomplish this by providing a location for meetings and events, a (soon-to-be) certified kitchen for community use, and by having fun. If we are not having fun, the rest isn’t worth doing. Although we are no longer affiliated with the Grange, since its inception in the 1870’s, it has always been open to women, people of color and people of diverse beliefs, and in our new manifestation as the Community Guilds of California, we relish in that history of inclusion and proudly carry it forward in our new iteration.



As of January 2019


Charly Price



Kalita Todd

Vice President


Theresa Youngman



Executive Committee

Charly Price, Kalita Todd, Theresa Youngman, Cindi Andersen and John Pomeroy